Contact Lenses

We offer a full contact lens fitting and after care service for soft and rigid gas permeable lenses.

What we offer

We offer a full contact lens fitting and after care service for soft and rigid gas permeable lenses.

  • Have you ever wondered if you would be suitable to wear contact lenses but not dared to ask?
  • Have you ever been told in the past that ‘your prescription isn’t suitable’.
  • Have you ever been told you are too young – or too old?
  • Have you tried contact lenses in the past and given up – too complicated and too time consuming?

Contact lenses can now be fitted to most prescriptions even if you wear bifocals or varifocals. They are comfortable and with new solutions, very easy and safe to use.

Most children from the age of 7* can, when instructed properly, and carefully monitored successfully, wear lenses. It helps to improve ability in sport and social acceptance especially in those aged 11-18.

*(The decision whether a child is ready for contact lenses will not be determined by age but more significantly by motivation, maturity and in those under 10 the role of parent).

Daily disposables lenses have the ultimate convenience and allow you to wear lenses occasionally either for sports or socially. I can’t promise to improve your golf, but wouldn’t it be nice to see clearly without having to wipe the rain off your specs.

We are now holding FREE ‘taster’ sessions for you to discuss your suitability, see what a contact lens feels like in your hand, and if you feel like going the extra step, have a lens placed on your eye.

If you decide to go to the next stage, a comprehensive fitting including initial examination, tolerance trial, training in handling and care, and extended trial for up to 4 weeks will incur a fee.

Please contact my receptionists on 01765 603484 and if there are any questions they are unable to answer, we will phone you back to discuss further at a mutually convenient time.

Regina Akhter BSc HONS MCOptom Optometrist

Home Visits

We offer a home visit service for patients who live in Ripon and surrounding villages, who are housebound, or where a visit to the practice has become difficult.

This is a free service for patients who qualify under NHS rules.

Please phone on: 01765 603484 and our friendly team will advise if you are eligible.

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